Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scottish Shortbread

Shortbread Cookies

Today I'm really in the Christmas Spirit!
I think making Turkey soup yesterday, which turned out so delicious,
has made me go forth into the kitchen yet again today!

My grandfather from Scotland was a baker.
He had his own bakery when he came to the US
One tradition was the wonderful
Scottish Shortbread.

Each year at Christmas he would
make batches and batches of these wonderful treats.
The family mold was about a 5" circle
pewter I believe, which had an
impression of heather in it.

He would wrap up a couple and tie on a red ribbon
and give them to friends and family.
My uncle continued the tradition
I found a wooden mold exactly the same as the one my grandpa had
but I did pack it away so I won't be able to use that today.
Family members won't let me share the recipe, so I apologize for not including it.

Just know that today I'm filling the house with
a wonderful aroma and plenty of memories of Christmas past!

My girlfriends are coming up Sunday for a Potluck
and I'll have some Scottish Shortbread for them
all tied up with a red ribbon!

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Janeen said...

Well now Karen, that just isn't right! ha ha What a tease! I lurve shortbread! ha ha Love it! Love it! Love it! All that buttery goodness! (sigh)