Saturday, December 13, 2008


Christmas Questionnaire:
1. Fresh Tree/Fake Tree? Fake with lights already on it!
2. Favorite Ornament- A small white ceramic dove
3. Favorite Christmas Song- O Holy Night
4. Favorite Tradition-Open as many gifts on Christmas Eve as the family will allow!!!!!!! I started begging at 3pm.
5. Favorite Gift Ever Received - A red Royal Portable Typewriter in its case!
6. Favorite Christmas Food - Prime Rib
7. Favorite Christmas Cookie - Shortbread, of course
8. Favorite Memory - Always having my parents, brothers and families over on Christmas Eve for dinner and sharing of gifts.
9. Favorite Place to be-Lake Tahoe
10. Favorite Christmas Movie-It's a Wonderful Life
Thanks Chachaneen for a fun idea...and good memories.

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Janeen said...

I lurve your picture! Where in the world did you find such a beautiful and cozy pic? (tee hee) Anytime my dear, anytime! It's fun bloggin' with you! Have fun tomorrow too! It was a beautiful day weather wise here so I hope it continues into tomorrow for a safe drive for the ladies.