Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally...Home for Sale

The long awaited is on the market!
It looks great, the remodel is total perfection,
and I have an amazing Realtor!
He is so thoroughly professional, and I know he'll get this home sold.
I tease him because he is the best-dressed
Realtor this side of the Mississippi!
The man is stylin! So is his wife who is also a Realtor!
What a gorgeous and very nice couple they are!

I admit when I saw the sign go up I had the melancholy set in
that soon I will be leaving Jeff's home.
What a blessing it was for me to be able to care for him here.

I have many wonderful memories of our time together.

Laughter cuz he was the funniest person ever
and I was his best audience.

Laughter cuz of the times he and his son Kevin played
and laughed so much in every room.

Laughter with all his very special friends visiting us here.

Thanks for the memories
and for the incredible blessing you always were to me, my son.


Cocoroo said...

How wonderful that you got the house on the market! I do hope that it sells soon!! I know it holds many memories and at least the memories you can take with you. The laughter will ring in your ears when you think of him and the funny things he said and did. Since you have redone the house, it is no longer the house Jeff lived in so in that sense, it is a different house altogether. I know it is beautiful and some wonderful family will buy it! I am excited for you!

Janeen said...

Yea, at last it has arrived! I pray that it will sell quickly and that the transaction will go smoothly!

Janeen said...

Hope your enjoying your holiday~ stop by my blog there is an award for you!