Sunday, December 7, 2008


Kevin and Jeff ** 2004

Recently I was encouraged by a dear friend to start journaling memories of my son so that I could bind them all up and have them to give to his son, Kevin when he is older. I thot it a great thing for Kevin since he was only six when his daddy died. This morning I wrote the first one and I'd like to share it with you.


People love to hear my Jeff stories, of which there are many! Because you lost your father early in your sweet life I want to share some of his life with you, Kevin. I love you, Mimi

I think the funniest one is when he was about three years old. We all lived in our first home in Phoenix, Arizona. He had his own small bedroom…probably 9x9. It had two twin beds in it with a window in between with drapes…by the time you read this they probably will have stopped making these types of hardware for drapes, but they were these very sharp pointy deals about three to four inches long that fit into a pleat in the drape, spaced every few inches.

Your father was good about playing in his room by himself so it went unnoticed by me that it had been quite some time since I had seen or heard him while I was busy cleaning the house. At some point I decided to look in on him.

Upon opening the door I was faced with a room that was totally in chaos and undone, and I mean totally. The drapes were off the rod, the bedspreads, sheets and pillows on the floor and the mattresses askew! I literally backed out and closed the door to regain my composure. Having taken a deep breath I reopened the door and indignantly inquired of your father, “Just who do you think you are, turning this room upside down like this?” The proud answer: “Superman!” What could I do but laugh?!

I said, "Well I’m going to put the room back together, drapes and all and then I would like you, Superman, to show me how you managed to take the drapes off the window, if you don’t mind!"

Eventually (and it took a while) the room was back in place and I said, “Begin!” Needing no further encouragement, he got up onto one of the twin beds and started jumping, jumping, jumping…with each jump managing to get a bit higher in the air…at some point he flew across to the other bed but in the process, grabbed one of those pleats on the drapes and lifted it hardware and all!

He continued going back and forth until each and every piece of hardware was out of its slot and the drapes all on the floor. Quite satisfied with himself he said: “That’s how, Mommy!!!” with great enthusiasm for a task well performed.

All I could think is what I had thought so many times before…what child is this whose mind is so imaginative? and then, oh brother am I in for it!!!


Cocoroo said...

Oh Karen,
You are so right...You were in for it! I can't belive that he jumped and jumped until he got the drapes all off the rod. That is too funny! What you are doing (writing all about Jeff) is wonderful and I know that one day, Kevin will really appreciate what you have done. I know it will mean alot to you also. Maaybe you better put it into two books, one for you and one for him. :o)


A Christian said...

Karen: what a beautiful way to honor Jeff! This story was great, I enjoyed reading it and I know that Kevin will also!
Rachel (Andersphoto)

Janeen said...

I LOVE IT! Excellent idea and they will be cherished memories that only You can share with that Mommy twist to it!

That is such an adorable story!

Stop by my blog, there is an award for you!

Janeen said...

Glad you are enjoying your award! Can't wait to see who you bestow it upon!