Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Minute Gifts for children...BOOKS

I think the gift of a book is one of the best gifts ever!
I have two recommendations...

Three little trees disappointed with their lives being so mundane. Each had high hopes and dreams for what they wanted to be someday. But God had something different in mind. Eventually each gets their wish, but certainly not what they had dreamed. God has plans for each one of his creation and the trees realize their meaning and purpose through what God does with them. This is such a beautiful and moving story. I loved the illustrations too.

A beautiful story of a lamb who is different but finds encouragement from his friend, the cow. Another fine story beautifully illustrated showing God's unique purpose for his own. Get your Kleenex!


Someone you love will really be blessed

by one or both of these fine books!

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Janeen said...

We have both the book and movie of the Three Trees! It's short and simple and easy for the kids to understand~ love it! The Lamb book is new to me, I'll be checking that out though.

I'm being Betty Crocker today, lots of cookies! What are you doing today?