Friday, January 16, 2009

Wii Fun was Way fun!!!

Wii - Bowling
Okay, over a year ago I did play Guitar Hero at my daughter's house. I didn't do well. I am always astounded by this new technology. As I remember, PONG was the first game in new technology in my day. I didn't do well at that either. But last Sunday I spent the day with my old pals Jim and Donna and their so-very-smart-and-handsome grandson, Max! I had heard that Donna bought Jim a Wii for Christmas and I wanted to bowl for sure! I'm's never a surprise to me if I don't do well, but hey, I'm a great sport! (well not really)...
Donna mentioned that they had been bowling on the Wii and I jumped at the chance to bowl with Max. He was ever ready to take on another opponent, especially one of his grandmothers era! Easy win, right? HA! I didn't get it at first, but boy was this fun! I now want a Wii! Of course it was also the most exercise I have had in about 20 years. My arm hurt after the first game and I had to take a Wii (wee) break. Max won, of course. He had the moves, he knew the game, he's great at these things anyway cuz ... he is 7.5 years old. It would behoove us all to have a young child around 24/7 to help us with the new technology.
One of my friends said her teen can read a book and text message on her cell phone without looking. YIKES
I digress. Back to Wii! Okay, Max; I'm ready!! We were joking around with remarks like "I'll beat you this time!" "Oh yeah, I doubt it" "I'm better than you are" "Just watch"... and I'm not telling who said which line there. So off to game #2....and I WON!!! Yes, I did. 162 to 159 WHEW! He wasn't too happy about that but was a great sport about it. Okay, two out of three..the challenge began (after another break for my arm). We joked and harrassed each other all the way through; it was so much fun. We were laughing and having the best time. He won. He's the champ 2 out of 3. What a hoot it was to play with Max that day. Later he showed me his moves on his scooter (of course he had his helmet on) as he came down the incline on his grandma's street.
I read on AOL today that Wii bowling was dangerous. It could kill a dog! I guess a dog got in the way as his owner was playing Wii bowling and she smacked him in the head and he had to go to the vet unconscious!!!!! It would be best to stay out of the way. I mean when I was bowling I was bowling, like in a real bowling alley. I had to really swing that Wii deal to get the speed I needed to get a strike you know! It was explained to me why there was a cord around my wrist so as to not accidentally fling the wii! It could happen!
My favorite sentence from Max for the day was: "I got some moves from you, Karen" OH BOY from this old gal, he watched (he does that) and saw my perfected swing and release you see!!!! And he put it into practice too!! He beat his Dad 210 to something. YAY MAXXXXXXX - can't wait to see you again at your grandparents and have some more real techno fun!!!!!!
Don't even ask me how I did at baseball Wii, okay? Thanks.

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Janeen said...

HI there! I'm catching up on the blog reading. That is soooo adorable! How fun is that! I think a Wii would be fun too!