Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Soul Sisters

This is just one of my soul sisters. It's funny how that works. Sometimes you just meet someone and click. I'm blessed with a couple of them and blessed with others that I love and care about but the initial click wasn't there. Have you had this happen to you?

This little chickie to the right is now in her very early 40s. Her name is Laura. I met her once when she was in grade school. My son and daughter went to school with her. Many moons later I met her again. One of the cutiepie guys from Hope Center brought her to church as their first date. As I remember she was working in a bank that he used. Nice first date! It was all new to Laura. She met Jesus soon afterwards. I was working as the office manager and got to watch a lot of relationships grow .. with guys and gals and with Jesus.

Her relationship with the date didn't last forever, but boy did she become one on-fire child of God. She is really honest, sincere and deep. She was like a sponge those first couple of years and her intensities to share the love of Christ with others led her to eventually work with Youth With a Mission traveling to Africa, Amsterdam and other places far and wide.

Along the early path we became friends....and soul sisters. She wasn't like a daughter to me, she was a sister. I led a group of women ages 18-25 in a Bible Study which we held in a park on Saturday mornings. I think that is where we got to be really good friends, but I am not really sure.

She is quite gifted..she sings, she plays guitar, is a great worship leader, a tender heart, and has been described as one with moxie and quite the extrovert. That's the truth too. She's outrageous and fun. She's a terrific writer. She would share her college assignments with me and I'd sit there stunned and teary-eyed. I'm still waiting for a first novel to appear as she eventually received her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at St. Mary's College.

So how do two women become soul sisters when they are so different in life experience, education, age and such things? As for me, a few college classes, can't even play the piano though I tried by taking lessons as an adult. I'm an extrovert but no moxie -- more of a wuss. I sing, but not solos. I guess I can be outrageous and fun, maybe that was it along with our shared love of Jesus and being in awe of the mercies He had shown us.

We lost touch when I moved to Idaho. But again, thanks to Facebook we hooked back up and tonite shared a great conversation...as if we had never been missing from each other's lives these past 11 years. Amazing. Soul Sisters. I love it. I love her. I am really proud of her and have missed her a lot. Now that we have touched base again, I plan on never letting this soul sister disappear from my life again. She truly enriched it for so many years in the past that I don't want to miss out on that ever again. Hear that, Laura?


Janeen said...

That is a lovely post today my friend! Gorgeous picture too! I like the black and white idea for pics.

Janeen said...

OH my stars I didn't recognize her but when you said her name, I can totally see it now. It's the hair, I'm used to seeing her with curly, wavy hair. Wow! Yep, I remember her. I remember bringing them a meal when their daughter was born. Wow, how time flies!