Monday, January 19, 2009

Best Brother Ever

I've used this picture before in my blog. It's my brother, Kevin and his son, Ryan. Kevin looks the same but Ryan is all grown up and a teenager now.

This is the best brother in the world. I hope you have one like him. I am ten years older than he is and, according to my mother, I acted like a little mother to him. I got married when Kevin was 11 and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. On my visits home he and I would visit and I found him to be just a nice guy. I mentioned this to my mother who said, "Well of course you like him, he's your brother." Well that's not about liking, that's about loving. You don't always like who you love. She didn't get it.

When I was grieving over Jeff's death I went to visit Kevin and his family. My sister-in-law, Karen, welcomed me in the same loving way as my brother as did his children. I stayed there from the middle of November til late in February. I can't wait to see them again soon when I sell my house and stay with them again for a bit in my transition.

Today I was thinking about Kevin. He just has a servant's heart. I think that when he sees a need he tries to fill it. In December he sent me hard-earned money to fix my car. It's not like he is wealthy. He is sacrificial in his giving and extending himself to others. He gives his time to people. He is compassionate.

Yesterday he sent me an email that said he had been reading my blog and saw that I was wanting the book The Reader so he just ordered me one on Amazon and it would be arriving soon. HOW NICE IS THAT?

It's as nice as being able to stay with him for months on end, as nice as receiving a check to cover my car repair. That's how nice. I cried. Yeah, I'm a crybaby, but you touch me with things like this and it hits my heart and I cry in gratefulness to be close to people such as my brother. A book may seem a small thing, but its huge in its impact.

God kept this brother of mine around much longer than any of us expected and we are all blessed by the gift of Kevin and his life which serves his Master. I'm sure Kevin will hear "Well done, good and faithful servant" when he is embraced by Jesus one day.

I love and like my brother - everyone who knows him does! Not hard to figure out why. Can't wait for the book to arrive but if there were no gifts except the gift of being able to sit and talk with Kevin I am blessed beyond measure.

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