Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stephen Levi Anderson

Steve is an old friend of mine from when we were in ministry together at Hope Center Covenant Church in CA. He's an awesome man of God and a great worship leader. I had lost track of him since I left Idaho but see he is in Portland, OR again and wanted to share his music with you. Thank you FACEBOOK for helping me find old friends. Such great memories of each one as we connect again. Enjoy Steve's music. I even took out my playlist to highlight him tonight.


Janeen said...

He's GOOOOOOOOOOOD! Thanks for sharing!

Janeen said...

PEI stands for Prince Edward Island, the back drop for one of my favorite book series.... Anne of Green Gables! everytime I watch the movie I want to be there!

Janeen said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments on my journal covers. Yea, I'm not one for writing in them, never have been. It's like a diary I don't want anyone to read. So making other uses out of them is funner. ha ha