Friday, January 23, 2009


I am sure you have been wondering where I've been...ha! Well my brother said go on Facebook and check out Karl's pictures and our cousin KC is on there with pics of our cousins. So I did. I had forgotten that I had joined up on Facebook last year and didn't do anything much.

My cousin's pictures were great and so fun to see everyone grown up. I haven't seen many of my cousins in years and one is my godchild so I made a 'friend' out of her as well as her sister. Then I meandered around and saw many people I knew and made friends out of them as well. Its a different medium for me, but I have been having a good time. I have found a couple of old friends from my old church Hope Center in Pleasant Hill, CA and exchanged 'what's new with you?' comments. It was so fun to see my friends children who are all grown up. I remember them when they were born and now they are graduating from college or after college have gotten married and had children of their own.

It's so nice to know some 24 year old created this and is a zillionaire. I sit here thinking... ... ... can I come up with anything the world needs, or can I think of anything I can make the world think it needs? ... ... ....
probably not.

In the meantime, I'll blog and play on Facebook finding old friends and staying in touch with everyone I find.

At some point the house will sell and I'll be moving on and not have much time for such passing of the daytime endeavors.


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