Saturday, November 15, 2008


I thought this was the cutest little Mary Engelbreit poster. I downloaded it for my desktop. It brought back a great memory of when my granddaughter, Rachel was two-and-a-half...Leaves were falling rapidly in our yard and I was taking care of her everyday then while her parents worked. I asked her if she wanted to go pick up leaves with me and of course, like any wonderful child, she did! Kids are so helpful when they are small...I'm not sure what happens at age 12. Before we gathered the leaves we pushed them into a big pile and she ran through them playing.

Anyway, I gave her a basket and she began filling it up. I grabbed my camera and took some photos which came out so adorable that I knew we would make a craft with those leaves. So that's what we did. We went and got a few picture frames and glued a variety of leaves on the frame...she dutifully pushed them til the glue 'took.' I had the photographs enlarged and ready to put in the frames a couple of days later. Then we wrapped them up and gave them for Christmas to her mommy and daddy and her other grandparents. I don't know how long those leaves lasted but it was a fun couple of days we shared making something meaningful for those she loved so much.

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