Friday, November 21, 2008

A Fast Cookin' Recipe for that Big Turkey

Next week is Thanksgiving and I just wanted to share with you my tips for a fine turkey dinner made in no time at all! My goal in life is to one day have my own cooking show on FOOD for me there!
Prepare your turkey as you normally would but do not stuff it. Make your stuffing and use a different container to do the baking. Place a tinfoil tent over turkey and place in the oven. Place on CLEAN and as soon as you smell the turkey wafting throughout your home, rush and take off the tinfoil....continue on CLEAN for another 10 minutes and bam! It's done!

This is one of the funnier happenings in all my years of cooking. While I've set fires, forgotten to turn the oven ON, forgotten ingredients, added fresh pineapple to JELLO (a big no-no), as well as other assorted accidents and problems, this one took the cake (or should I say turkey)?
I am not sure HOW the oven was set to CLEAN because I never pulled that safety lever over to ensure no one opened the oven..but while the wings were a nice black and burned to a crisp..the ten extra minutes without the tinfoil tent allowed us to actually EAT (yes EAT) the breast and let me tell you, it was super moist and yet cooked just fine! Fortunately I had made an extra pan of stuffing because what was inside this turkey was wet and soggy! Sometimes you just have to laugh when you have experiences like this!
I think the products to the left are great ideas to give as gifts for Christmas!

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Janeen said...

That is hilarious! Food Network is all over this!