Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Nothing can get me out of bed at 4 am and certainly not to stand in line with a zillion other people looking for the bargains! ONCE I went to a sale at a furniture was a great store, good merchandise, so I got there about 30 minutes before the store opened and waited in line. I was pretty close to the head of the line. The doors opened and people pushed from the back rushing you into the store. They were like madwomen rushing around. I tried to just walk over to the bedroom stuff because I had seen the ad for a nice headboard that was all curliecue and white wicker == just perfect for my young daughter. I touched it first, I really did...and a nanosecond after me another woman touched it...we just looked at each one let go...I finally said in a nice quiet calm voice, "I believe I got here first." She said, "You did not!" Her LARGE HUGE HUSBAND said, "It's hers!" I said, "As you wish, I dont fight over a $13 headboard" and strolled off. As I left the store I decided that was my last rush for any deal at any store. Things have only gotten worse with this Black Friday situation. Stores opening earlier and earlier...why don't they just stay open all night?

I do like shopping on line = no lines, no rude employees, no pushy people and often free shipping! Today I found a wonderful 'deal' at Fitz and Floyd... ... 100 items on sale under $20. I found a perfect $30 canape plate for $5.99 and another for $6! If i had an extra $12 I would have bought them both! I also understand many online deals are better than what the stores are offering.

Tragically, today someone who worked at Wal-Mart in Long Island was trampled to death as 200 shoppers rushed in...four were injured....and people continued to push ahead and shop before that store was closed. Shameful. Sometimes it's best to just stroll away, you know?! Or just be like me and stay away. Makes for a better Friday.

Do any of you remember the 'good ole days' when the day after Thanksgiving seemed just an extention of the day before? More turkey, more everything and games with the family, tossing a football back and forth or playing in the leaves? Of course way back then,(pre-60s) stores weren't even open on SUNDAY let alone offering deals on Friday.

And to think for some, these are the 'good ole days'...

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Janeen said...

Beautifully put into words my dear!