Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is a bad hair day!What is it about hair that makes or breaks our day? Why are we often not satisfied with our hair. We fuss and fix and color and curl and then we cry and whine incessantly about our hair!

It's been reported that some people pay $400 just for a haircut! Sure, it looked nice, but that's a lot of money for a barber!
My neice has good hair all the time...Danielle seems to be able to wear it any way she chooses and it looks great. Well for her junior prom she had it done at the salon and did end up coming home and taking it all down and redoing it. Then it was perfect again.

I wake up with my hair looking like this. People have been know to shriek upon an early morning view! I don't blame them, I shudder at the view in my mirror too! As I've aged my hair has gotten quite silvery white started slowly framing my it frames from the crown of my head forward. I'm really not ready to look like my mother so I try new colors and have recently settled on a darker blonde than I have worn for years. I also had them add highlights. I'm quite pleased.

Once I had it done at a new place and said make it funky, spikey like, I'm having a problem with being old. The gal did a great job....and it was certainly funky and spikey. It was ok but rather short and very spikey. I was brought into the real reality of how it looked when I picked up my grandson for the day and that sweet voice of Kevin's from the back carseat said: "Mimi, your hair is scaring me." I had to laugh. I told him it would grow and it kind of scared me too!

My computer is on the vanity area near the closets in my bedroom here..its a perfect setup except for the rather LARGE mirror attached to the wall behind it. I just tried to take a picture of myself in the rather LARGE mirror but, it did not break the glass!!!...just too much light ruining the whole thing. At any rate, my point was going to be that quite often I am taken with the state of my hair as I sit and work Ebay or write emails, play solitaire or chat. Now, the word vanity is perfect for what can occur here as I gaze into the mirror admiring my new hair color and style. I see why the Quakers and other sects of Christianity might have banished mirrors from their homes. Just think about the extra time they had not having to primp in front of the mirror.

Some days I can't admire my hair. No matter what I do there are times my hair has a mind of its own! Seems like I am cranky for the day, nothing goes well, and I am out of sorts! When I lived in Idaho I was afraid to go find a new person to do my hair so i let it grow and grow and just cut my bangs. I wore a pony tail, first at the nape of my neck and then eventually high up in the back. I thot it was fine, but that's what living in Idaho can do for you. I came back for a friends surprise 60th birthday party and my friends said WHAT IS UP WITH THE PONY TAIL? IS THAT THE STYLE IN IDAHO? GET IT SYLED here in CALIFORNIA! So I did. And came to terms with finding someone I could trust with my precious only took like 5 different people to find that ONE who could really cut hair properly in Idaho.

Now over in Spokane Washington we have a friend from chat: Silvermoom/aka Suzanne. She has perfect hair. She works at it. I've heard tell of coloring, highlighting (all herself) and using a flat iron...proudly announcing it was a good hair day! I'm always happy for her when she is having a good hair day; I totally relate. :) Here she is with her daughter, Mariah.
I just wanted to do something frivilous on the blog today - it's all true - no real lesson...I don't want to put in verses about vanity. I just wanted to acknowledge that Suzanne and Danielle have perfect hair and some days I do too.

I hope you all have a great hair day today!

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Janeen said...

Girlfriend, get out your comb and tease that hair! ha ha Funny post, thanks for sharing!