Friday, December 17, 2010

Time of Year

It's the most wonderful time of the year...singing....

I'm just full of the holiday spirit this year. It's a nice change for me.

My blessings seem larger than life!

I know there are so many who are struggling in many ways here in the US and abroad. For them it is a blue Christmas and there probably isn't a more difficult time of the year than Christmas if you are sick, having financial troubles, are alone, or any other number of reasons. My prayers are with them; I've been sick, had financial troubles, been alone and a few other reasons to feel sad during this blessed time of year.
Reach out and bless someone who needs you; sometimes it's just a smile, a cup of coffee, a book, a ride, $20, a easy!!

Jesus came = Emmanuel = God with us! May we hold fast to Him who is always for us, who always cares about us, who loves us so. Hang on...victory comes in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that blog!

ChaChaneen said...

Merry Christmas K!!!!