Thursday, December 2, 2010


I probably talk about friendships
more than any other topic.
That's because I hold each one
tenderly in my heart.
Fortunate to have a group of very close friends, I am.
God knew we needed each other.
Coming from such diverse backgrounds,
interests and situations,
yet we are bonded tightly,
securely and gratefully.
I have considered my brother Kevin my best friend for many long years now.
He is tried and true, solid & committed to me.
My other best friend is also of the male species,
one who has gifted me with an example of true selfless giving.
I have learned more about living on another's behalf from
him in a few short years than any other time in my life.
Jeff's best friend, Luis, yet another man,
who has given of himself on my son's behalf
and mine as well in extraordinary ways.
(Couldn't have done it without the full
support of his wonderful wife, Joann).
And then there are my girlfriends
Incredible, bright, funny, wonderful girlfriends.
How could I have carried on this past decade without them?
God knew I could not.
They rose to the occasion and gifted me with prayer
when I could not pray, but felt above the fray of life
because I was being lifted UP.
They gifted me with time, treasure and talent
and they continue to do so.
I want to declare that I am grateful, blessed and deeply moved
each one bringing something I desperately needed
How do I list them? So many deserve the first place on the list
but they need to be here we go.
Norma, Elaine, Rose Marie, Patti
Donna, Donna, Lena, Mary
Pam, Brenda, Judy,Barb
Tina, Joann, Bernita, Jane
Margo, Connie, Maria
My goodness! This is like the Oscar thank you's...
I couldn't have done this without you
this thing we call living
Because of you I live large
and to the fullest
with wonder and delight!!!!
As I have had time to reflect on my return to California I have realized
deep within that I am healed and believe the grieving
about losing Jeff has been completed.
I am not who I was, I am profoundly changed.
The hole in my heart will not fill..nothing can fill that loss.
But I am smiling, positive and absolutely full of JOY.
So my dear friends, all of you, thank you for being there
God's hands and feet
Blessing me * Blessing me * Blessing me

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