Friday, July 2, 2010

When in Transition...raw fish, buffalo burgers and who knows else is ahead!?

I'm having so much fun in California, as you well know from my postings on Facebook and here in my blog.

I'm moving to another friend's home on the 4th of July. I've been in a beautiful situation at Kim's (she makes the best ever cupcakes!!) with my own upper floor but the bedroom just gets too hot for me! Even with the air on it doesn't seem to want to cool off this room enough for this ole gal.

Patti and Mike graciously offered their home to me so I would stay in California longer. I was told I had to eat with them and enjoy plain Midwestern cooking! Okay!! Then Patti said: You will love buffalo burgers. EXCUSE ME? I know that is Idaho food..and I never tried it, but this is NOT plain old Midwestern food either! I guess I will...Patti can be persuasive.

Speaking of plain...years ago Patti and I were up in the Wine Country and stopped in for lunch. I ordered the she did too. HOWEVER, she thot it was a tunafish sandwich, and it was a raw tuna totally California cuisine...Patti ate her salad. LOL Maybe thats' what I'll have to do if the buffalo burger doesn't tickle my palate.

Patti is my real-in-person funniest friend ever. On line its Martha; they both think so fast with a quick witty comeback you can't help laughing. Its a gift for sure! One day they can amuse me for all eternity while we hang out on the clouds. I bet Patti and Martha will bond over not liking raw tuna too!!!!!

I'll be celebrating my transition
on the 4th of July!

God Bless America and all my friends.

I am blessed.


R. Quilter said...

How was the buffalo? raw tuna, so it was a tuna sandwich? I am glad you are staying in California. Seems like God wants you hear, me too.

karenacadle said...

I dont know I move on Sunday...who knows when they will make me eat bbq buffalo LOL
yes ahi tuna on an open faced roll... thanks i like it here too. God is Jehovah Jirah for sure..and he shows me that time and time again.

karenacadle said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey of these days you need to come to bakersfield and eat! we have some great places in town like woolgrowers basque restaurant its awesome :-) Cindy (cyncyn)

karenacadle said...

oh i think i would love basque food!!! if i am ever passing that way....I sure will!!!

joven said...
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joven said...
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KARNA said...

just to clarify...that was seared ahi tuna..not totally raw..just almost:)lol

KARNA said...

jovan, please do not continue to post the same comment to my blog, or any other that requires me to delete you. ty