Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July - My family were immigrants!

Granddaughter and daughter of immigrants in 1920 and 1926, settling in Ohio and San Francisco. My mother and her parents came from Scotland. My father was born in Philadelphia but his parents immigrated from Poland and Ireland.

These are all pictures of my Dad's family....great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and brothers and young kids and all grown up. They all could play the harmonica! There were six children...John, Francis (Barney/my dad), Eileen, Maureen, Dorothy and Mike.

I can't believe I don't have any pictures of my mother's side of the family on my computer and all my photos are in storage so I can't add any but they were a fine looking bunch from Scotland. My grandfather came over first in 1920 to San Francisco and almost went back to Scotland due to the lack of jobs and while there was some government assistance available he would have no part of it being the proud independent man he was. My grandmother heard he was coming back to Scotland and wrote him immediately and told him she was on her way. She got her papers, all the legal things needed, and packed up her house and the four children, Hugh, Bill, James and Sarah (my mother), ages 14 to six.

She even packed up her set of china which was a huge 12 piece place setting with rather grand vegetable bowls. It is white with blue and gold around the edges. My mother used it for years and I have it now. My Aunt Mary gave me a darling little vase that was my Grandmother's also.

I asked all four (mother and uncles) to write their memories down for me and I typed them up and added some graphics including their immigration papers, the family shortbread mold, and other assorted memorabelia. I gave them each a copy for Christmas that year and they loved it! It is one of my treasures too.

If my memory serves me right, I have 33 cousins. We were all living in the Bay Area during my youth and had quite a nice life, seeing each other quite often. I have great memories of all the family time spent.

I am so glad that they immigrated to America!
I love my heritage as well!

God Bless America

This is a great song for the 4th of July

by Billy Madden & Vinnie Rhodes.



R. Quilter said...

America is great! Land of the free! Home of the Brave! I did not know that about your folks!

ChaChaneen said...

Those are great memories!