Tuesday, April 28, 2009

True Worth

From PSALMS NOW...Brandt/Corita

Man's struggle for significance

apart from God's will and purpose is in vain.

Man builds homes and institutions,

he acquires property and possessions;

he crowds the cities with the clutter

of questionable achievements;

he fills the better part of every day

with self-centered activities;

he pushes and prods in an anxiety-ridden quest

for some ephemeral treasure;

he strives incessantly to get to the top.

And all the while worth and value are within him

or very close to him.

They are precious gifts of God

that come in some measure to all men.

There are visible evidences of a man's worth;

the children he begets,

the beloved mate that brings him joy,

the ability to supply his own and

his family's needs through is daily labors.

But even beyond this and long before this,

a man's true worth was established

by God Himself.

Psalms 127-128


Lori Stilger said...

Karen, I'll miss you while you're offline. Do you have our phone #, in case you need me/us????? I'm SO glad you get to move on to another chapter in your life, dear friend. BE BLESSED, BE CAREFUL, and BE JOYFUL! LOVE YOU!

Janeen said...

That post is a beauty - thanks for sharing! I haven't hooked up with Rosebud yet, she was busy last week so maybe this weekend.