Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daffodils and Limes

Isn't this the cutest little garden plaque?!!
My pal, Cathy, made this special garden tile for me a couple of years ago. She made it in the Mary Engelbreit type art which she knows I adore. She's a talented lady.

Not much has popped up in the garden yet, but I just wanted to show you the pretty daffodils that have and one huge lime, which is the size of a big lemon and looks like one too, but it truly is a lime!

The dwarf lemon, lime and tangerine trees were transferred from their wine barrel tubs and right into the dirt at the side of the house.

They seem to love it there and are flourishing. Two tart tangerines and two huge limes (trying to fake me out disguised as lemons). But I know the lemon tree was the tallest of all three trees and its still the tallest and has so many buds on it I will hopefully get a few before I move.

That's really it today..sharing what has come up in the garden.

Enjoy these...they are such a bright yellow and so cheerful I think. I had to cut one and bring it into the house so I could see it 24/7.

Can you even imagine the Garden of Eden?
Me either.

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Janeen said...

Ooooh lemons! Makes me think of homemade lemon curd. I lurve lemon curd. Especially Trader Joe's brand, it is delicious!