Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook..yes, again!

Well, what can I say? I've been on Facebook and love it. I don't know how to pull out of that addiction quite yet. I've played numerous games raising money for the Rain Forest, cancer research, blankets for the homeless and catching up with old friends. It's perfect for wasting you right in! They have many applications and one of them is MyFarm! Yes, a cyber farm!!! I love mine! I got carried away and planted tons of strawberries, got horses, cows, chickens and tons of orchards...oh then I had to spend my time harvesting my crops, replanting them etc. I uploaded a bigger farm to hold it all...then it just got worse...It's all I could do to keep up, so with $100,000 in cyber money on my farm, nice house, chicken coops, barns and a wood chopper...I decided to not grow crops...I am committed to letting the soil regain all the nutrients it needs for the suggested (somewhere I read this) seven (7) years. Now all I have to do is check the trees to make sure I pick the fruit. Nice life of a farmer..waiting for the Stimulus package to set in and pay me for NOT growing strawberries.

One suggestion today on Facebook was from my pal Lori who had an A-List go to google and type in your name and then 'needs', ie, Karen needs. Then a list will pop up (or someone's with the same name) ...a list of hilarious stuff...Here's mine...with my own observations in caps....

Karen Needs to Grow Up! NEVER
Karen Needs a New Job. YES I DO
Karen needs to learn how to compliment her workers. I HAVE NO WORKERS
Karen needs to have full carbohydrate. stores, and be well hydrated. I NEED STORES?
Karen needs additional time for laundry and changing bed linen. I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME
Karen needs care and supervision twenty-fours hours a day NO KIDDING!!!
Karen needs to learn how to speak up for herself! I HAVE LEARNED HOW TO DO THIS
Karen needs money to buy the roller skates she desperatelywants. I'D RATHER HAVE TAP SHOES
Karen needs a hairstyle that requires minimal styling. I DO ALREADY
Karen needs a rest. NO I DO NOT. ALL I DO IS REST
Karen needs to use the bathroom. USUALLY TRUE, I drink 100 oz of water a day!
Karen needs to tell her mom straight out to stop prying. ERR SHE STOPPED years ago
Karen needs the money for the mentoring pizza. NOW I WANT A PiZZA
Karen needs to get out of Clayborne quickly. DONT KNOW WHERE THE HECK CLAYBORNE IS
Karen needs someone to hold chimpy still while she rearranges his kneecaps. DID YOU SEE THE NEWS OF THAT BIG CHIMP AND WHAT HE DID? YIKES
Karen needs a break. FROM FACEBOOK obviously....


Janeen said...

Yea you made it back to blogging! I thought we had lost you forever! ha ha Just joking!

Janeen said...

Hi again,
Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you! Check out my blog to find out. I hope you'll play along!