Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wonderful Autumn!

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I'm in love with the fall season! Even though its been in the high 80's and even 90's in the past two weeks here in Northern California, i see some long shadows falling across the yard...advance warning that we are fast-approaching cooler days! Autumn's beautiful rich colors, the deepening of the leaves from green to yellow and red and purples as well as the vineyards ablaze in their glory!! Nothing is so refreshing as the brisk cool weather, the gentle winds that begin, and the lingering days before winter takes its turn. I relish God's creation. I often take a ride out through River Road which winds in, through and around the beautiful vineyards - it's really amazing!

I put out my fall decorations early in anticipation this month. Melissa at The Inspired Room had everyone send in their fall decorating tips and pictures. I am not the only one who loves the season!!! I was, however, too late to get my photo in(I didn't even take it until today) and it's okay because you should take a look at what people sent in. VERY talented decorators and lovely porches. I'm a tad limited for space, so i'll just console myself with that! I'm also not known for my photograhpy skills, just know there are two geese, not just one to the left of the door, and a welcome mat! LOL I also couldn't find the flowers for the 2nd little container to the right of the door...I'll get some soon. When pumpkins are en masse I'll dress up the wooden bench on one of the lawn areas out front! It's all too fun to welcome Autumn!

Yesterday some friends came over for dinner. When I was sweeping off the porch I noticed the door was dusty and a mess. Unfortunately, while i was wiping it down (it's metal) the friends drove up and parked. When Donna got out of the car she said, "Nice to see you working hard, Karen!" (wry grin on her face!) HA! We all had a great visit in spite of her humor! We laughed at some old memories, were subdued by some as well, and spoke of what is ahead and how we live today.

So we say goodbye to summer and welcome a new season. Would you agree that life seems so similar?

I have some thoughts that were in my head as I woke up Saturday morning which I'll share with you tomorrow on that subject. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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