Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm happy to be a sanguine personality.
I prefer it over all the others!

The Philosopher who subscribed to these
was Hippocrates**Physician/Scientist

The four personalities are: Melancholy, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Sanguine

I know that melancholy personalities are deep and artistic, intelligent and logical. That's nice to be so gifted. Cholerics scare what if they are born leaders? So what if they get a lot accomplished? Control is their deal...but at what cost? I was told it was easy to get along with a choleric...just do what they say, do it NOW and do it 100% perfectly. Phegmatics are easy-going and relaxed and a bit unmotivated. Sanguines are happy, enthusiastic, partiers!!! They can drive all the other types nutzo!!!!!

Each personality is usually a blend of two...but one will generally be far greater in percentage. (My minor personality is a phlegmatic.) You can take tests on line to find out what you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are in order to understand yourself and others!! If you'd like a good site, one is:
Obviously God created all of us - and gave us the basic personalities which are often skewed by people or life experiences in our youth which change us, but the basics remain...and God doesn't take them away when we commit to Christ and His ways. Because the Holy Spirit is also "Convicter" we are often reminded of our weaknesses. It's best to let God work on those (that clay on the wheel deal) so that we become a light to others and are able to serve each other in a more positive way.

I was reading my list of weaknesses and don't agree with 50% of them!!! I love the positive attributes though, I am just the type of person I like to be with. HAHAHA. Actually I have come to appreciate each individual and do my best to be accepting of those vastly different than me. I have quite a few pals who are not sanguine and I enjoy their company immensely as well...I learn a lot from them in terms of discipline, logic, organization, and hear thoughts so deep I wonder if I have a brain at all!!!!

The little image above is by Mary Engelbreit, my favorite artist..oh yea I like the Impressionists, but who can afford that art? ;) Mary just creates the greatest cards and tons of other things...many of which are in my kitchen. Nothing beige about Mary E. All primary colors, bolding announcing in the best of ways, her views on life.

I use the image "SHE WHO LAUGHS....LASTS" as my computer wallpaper to remind myself that this is the true me and on my 'down' days its a good reminder to get that smile going again! It's not denial - it's good physiology.. if you smile when you are depressed, something in your innards sends rushes of seratonin as if you ran many miles and have that "Oh boy this is a great day" feeling!! It's also biblical to be cheerful! I want to last. I want to go the distance.

Proverbs 17:22

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