Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gypsy Girl!

Summer's come and gone...
It's been a while since I've blogged...I couldn't get into my account. Somehow I managed to land here today so I felt I just had to fill you in on the past six months.
I've had a lot of fun and a few challenges.

I was able to visit my brother Kevin and family in Hayden Lake for six weeks (which flew by). I plan on staying a long summer next year and I'll be there to see Ryan graduate in June! Chris is quite the accomplished breakfast man...Kevin continues to bake the best sourdough french bread and the pizza dough delish!

Ryan got a new dog --Stella - both very cute and entertaining. Ryan can make me laugh in a nanosecond. I dont know why I dont have a picture of my niece and sister-in-law...they both get prettier every year! Was hard to leave the family for sure and I miss them so much.
Managed a good visit at The Porch with my friend Carol - She is such a joy-filled faith-filled woman of God. I wish I could just have her with me all the time....her wonderful husband, Dennis, might object though!!! Can't wait til next Summer!!

My old car gave up the ghost early in the summer...I was without a vehicle for two that is challenging!! I'd get up, get ready for the day, and head on out...whoops! No car! I had to laugh it was so ridiculous. Fortunately my pals were happy to pick me up and drop me off when needed.So, while in Idaho Kevin was looking for a car for me and ended up selling me his Avalon. He took very good care of it and I'll try to do the same. It's a smooth ride and I love it.

Summer's fun was not over!

Patti flew up to Spokane - picked her up at the airport and we were on our way to Ashland, Oregon. Patti is a hoot (to say the least) so it was a guaranteed fun road trip where we only got lost twice .... even with her GPS in hand. We stopped for Starbucks often and spent the night at the Columbia River Gorge where she insisted a stranger (well, Patti never met a stranger, so I made lots of new friends) take our picture --(rolling eyes)!!!!

Then it was time to celebrate Norma's big birthday bash week in Ashland...There were only 40 of her favorite people was a lot of fun with plays, food and gatherings...memories were made that will last a lifetime. She wanted no each of us wrote a letter to her expressing what our friendship meant which went into a big book. Later pictures of the week were placed inside as well. She loved it.

Returned to Patti & Mike's in Martinez to spend the winter with my girlfriends--Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as well as many Red Hat outings, Bunco, bible studies, Creekside church and a good and very busy life. I've volunteered to work in the office of Shelter, Inc (outreach to the homeless in town) and I'm awaiting their call.



ChaChaneen said...

It's been a very good year for you dahling! Glad to see you back on the blog!

Anonymous said...

You are a BUSY woman!

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