Friday, January 21, 2011

Hair & Aging

So what is fair about this? My friend Norma has not a gray hair in her head! She looks younger every time I see her! She is not coloring her hair or highlighting it. I think it's the vitamins she takes. Certainly her sister has some gray... certainly I have a mop full of white hair except in the back by my neck...NO FAIR I SAY!!!!

My mother had a beautiful head of white did my Dad! Why does mine have some other tone in it that I don't like? NO FAIR I SAY!!!!

Revlon has come to my rescue! Now that is FAIR! A product that can take away the gray 100% it says! I know its lurking there at the roots waiting to grow -- probably faster than I want -- but this works for me!!

I'm coming up on a birthday in about a month and while its a very old age, I feel like I'm still 19 .. okay 29....but certainly nowhere near 68!! Good grief....NO FAIR I SAY!!

Grateful that I feel younger! Grateful that I have all this wisdom built up over the many years - oh that I could go back and fix everything I was so stupid about - but alas, not possible. Grateful that I am still kickin' it pretty good!!!

And that, my friends, is all I am concerned about
right at this very moment.
Shallow? Admittedly VERY!!!


R. Quilter said...

Proverbs 16: 31
Gray hair is a crown of splendor;
it is attained in the way of righteousness.

KARNA said...

Yes so I'm very righteous!!!! LOL but its not the white I want soooooooooooooooo cover up cover up cover up!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Instant K! I am 57 (?? I think!) And I dont have a gray hair one! That's the good news! The bad news? My beard is almost totally gray! But that's ok, my grandchildren deserve a grandfather that looks his age!