Thursday, October 28, 2010

There's More To Life Than Pumpkin Spice!

You are probably surprised to read that heading. Everyone knows I LOVE Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice, but right now I'm all about tea. I'm happily receiving deliveries daily of teas, tea accessories and supplies to create all things TEA for the boutique on November 27th....Oh yes, we have Christmas things, angels, jewelery and plenty not worry if you don't drink tea! (Although someone you know drinks tea and we have great things you can give as gifts!)

Today it brought back a wonderful memory as I had a cup of a new TERRIFIC Pomegranate Green Tea that I have found for the boutique. It's my favorite taste of tea ever!

My Grandmother, Mary Thompson Houston from Scotland, drank a lot of tea! My mother and I lived with she and my Grandpa James Houston when my dad was in France during WWII. After that we lived a block away from her for many years. I've had a lot of tea and scones over the years; my grandpa had a bakery! I loved their kitchen. It had a Murphy table (yes, like a Murphy bed) open the doors, down came the table. This was too much trouble for my grandparent's last tea of the day. She would pull out the BREAD BOARD and cover it with a white tablecloth (must have been folded many times, eh?) Then the scones, butter, tea pot and cups. The three of us would sit and enjoy a bit of time together. This must have been after my dad was back from the war as I have no memory of my mother sitting there with us. I know I spent many a night at their home.

The memory rushed at me as I was sipping my tea. She never used a tea strainer in her pots of the tea leaves fell into the cup and you had to drink very carefully. When we were done with our cups of tea she would read my tea leaves! Yes, she went to church (High Street Presbyterian Church in Oakland, California which I hear is still going strong!)

This was a harmless activity and had no spiritual new age/old age twist to it. I read my tea leaves to myself the other day and had fun doing so. I'd say it has been approximately at least sixty years since I had tea leaves in my cup!

Then many memories flooded me of all the wonderful times I spent with my grandmother. I had another wonderful grandmother (Elizabeth Lyons) and I have a story to tell about she and I at another time. (That's for my Uncle Mike who will remind me that indeed I had another grandmother, his mother).


This is neither of my grandmothers but I thought it was the funniest picture of someone drinking tea that I might ever see and just had to share it with you.

I'm also into being frugal for the past four years and end up with lots and lots of very good bargains -- so many of them from The Frugal Find on Facebook!! When I was able to purchase tickets through Fandango with the code from Frugal Find for only $3.75 each and NO fee to Fandango I was happy I didn't have to go to the senior citizen day on Monday to get a $6 ticket!! Recently I paid $10 for $20 worth of products from with shipping included. Today...$16 for $35 worth of groceries from another source she shared. I only buy what I would use normally, of course!

So this little picture is for those who are frugal and want to save some pennies. Tea is NOT cheap; it's pretty pricey these days...get some little clothes pins (on sale of course) and have a second cup!

Sip, sip


R. Quilter said...

Pomegranate tea is my favorite! What did your tea leaves tell you? I love the story about your grandmother!

KARNA said...

I just discovered this pomegranate green that i will always want for the rest of my life!! LOL...

the tea leaves were interepreted by me, with no divine help from hell, that it was going to be a wonderful day...that because there was a blob of leaves kind of up at the end of the bottom which i felt was the SUN...hahaahahaha

thanks I loved my grandma H sooo much!

KARNA said...
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ChaChaneen said...

Oooooh a holiday boutique! Very fun indeed! That's the day we set up our christmas tree.... hmmmm? I'll have to get the details/hours from you soon.

This was a fun post to read K! Your family stories are just precious!