Friday, August 20, 2010

Cute...oh can it be true??

This was on Chachaneen's blog and it made me laugh.

It did make me think about our blogs and how they really do represent the way we talk our walk , don't they.

Everyone watches Christians closely. They either see a good representation of an honest walk with the Lord or one that is fraught with a misrepresentation of how He would have us live as disciples.

We need to be real in our struggles so the world knows we all live real lives, not some super spiritual hyper-religious act that makes others feel so inadequate as to think they can never approach God. My own opinion is that there is a fine line in doing so. Let us not flaunt our sin as though they have no affect on us or others, or in fact did not put Christ on the cross, but be humble in sharing our own failures with people as well as the joys we experience.

And let us be full of mercy and grace to those who know no better (or do) and are looking and watching us all the time. Our own pet peeves or rants can be kept to ourselves as they might serve no good purpose really. Let's not give anyone a reason to call us hypocrites who say we love God but are ripping others to shreds with our words or actions.

Christ even washed the feet of Judas ...knowing he would later betray him....this is the kind of love we experience from the Lord every day. Let's go love others as He did.